Drawn Line Handmade Personalized Stamp

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Personalization: Please enter the name you would like on your stamp below then click the "Add to Cart" button. (Name will be in ALL CAPS on your stamp.)

A modern stamp design with hand drawn lettering for your name to place on your handmade items.  

Dimensions: Approximately 2" wide x 0.5" tall 

Estimated Turnaround Time: 1-2 weeks
This is the time between when you order and when I ship your stamp to you. Proofs will not be sent for this product, your stamp will automatically ship when it is completed.

All of our stamps feature a solid wood handle and base. The rubber is mounted on thick cushioned foam. We manufacture our stamps out-of-house with the assistance of a Massachusetts based company who laser engraves the rubber with an incredible level of detail.

A separate stamp pad is required.
My personal favorite is the Ranger Archival Ink stamp pads, especially the jumbo size stamp pads for our larger stamps like the House Portrait Address Stamps. This ink is perfect for everyday use on all non-shiny, non-photographic paper stock. I do not sell stamp pads but you can usually find this brand at local craft and big box stores.