Atlanta Mural Process and Pricing

Are you interested in a custom mural in the Atlanta metro area?
As a mural artist, I paint my own mural designs on interior and exterior walls. I will work with you to come up with an original design that works for your space. I have worked with non-profit organizations, corporations, commercial businesses and arts organizations. You can see recent mural examples in my portfolio here.

I am certified in operating mobile elevated work platforms and can complete a project with or without the help of artist assistants which allows me to work on projects of any size. For the most commonly asked questions and an overview of the process, please read on below.

Murals shown (top image) "Remarkable Futures" Mural installed at Chick-Fil-A headquarters and (bottom image) "Yes We Can" Mural installed at Meta (formerly known as Facebook, Inc.) corporate offices. Select additional past clients: Warby Parker, The Carter Center, Spanx and Sara Blakely Foundation, Living Walls.

How much does it cost?

The total cost of a mural includes three components:

    • DESIGN FEE: $500-$1500 to develop the design for your mural. This fee is non-refundable and will include up to two rounds of revisions. 
    • MURAL INSTALLATION FEE: Varies depends on overall size of the mural, type of surface to be painted, surface condition and the total number of colors in the approved design. You can expect the price per square foot to be between $40 to $80 on average. 
    • EQUIPMENT RENTAL: As Needed, depending on the location site and size of mural. All murals over 12 feet tall will require a lift or scaffolding rental fee. 

The total mural cost will include all materials, supplies, rental equipment and artist assistants, if they are needed. If you're ready, email me and let's start the conversation. The information above can be used for a ballpark idea of mural fees. Larger walls and/or brick exterior walls will be at the higher end per square foot. However, the mural design, number of stakeholders in the design process and your needed turnaround time will also affect the cost.
How does the process work?

To determine the total cost of your mural, please send me an email with your preliminary idea or what you hope to communicate with your mural. If you would like an illustrated map of Atlanta in the style of several of my past murals, please compile a list of landmarks that you would like included and those that would be nice to have included, along with how far North and South you would like it to extend. I will also need to the following information to quote your project:

  • Interior or Exterior Wall
  • Type of Wall Surface (drywall, brick, stucco...)
  • Wall Dimensions
  • Condition of the Wall
  • Approval of Property Owner
  • Hours of Wall Access
  • Expected Turnaround Time, if you need it completed by a certain date
  • Availability of Water and Storage for exterior projects 

2. QUOTE APPROVAL AND SITE VISIT:  If you approve the mural quote, I will make a site visit to see the wall in person before working on the design of your mural. This is helpful to see how the space and viewer will interact with the piece along with taking note of site access and availability of electricity, etc. If a site visit is not an option, it would be great if you could email me photos of several angles of the wall and surrounding area.

3. MURAL DESIGN: Once I have seen your wall and discussed your goals, I will create a mural design and a digital mockup on your wall. The mural design fee is a separate cost from the mural installation painting fee and is non-refundable.

If you decide not to move forward with my design and choose to work with another Artist, the design fee and the copyright to all mural designs created will be retained by me. (This hasn't happened before but is in place to be sure that the time spent designing the mural is compensated as you would the painting of the mural.)

4. MURAL INSTALLATION: Once the design is approved, I will begin painting on site. I typically paint during business hours unless another schedule has been agreed upon. Most murals are completed in about 3-10 days. However, I will send my estimated turnaround time during your quote process. For my process, I paint using brushes and/or rollers vs. aerosol paint.

Will I own the copyright to the mural?

No. I will retain the copyright to the mural. You cannot digitally reproduce the mural for advertising or commercial use without my permission. If the mural is photographed as part of the backdrop in its location, that is absolutely fine. However, if you wish to sell prints, mugs or otherwise use the mural design as you would use a standalone illustration, this is not allowed without my permission. I am happy to have my murals used as backdrops for visitors and guests and am excited to see them tagged in photos!

If you would like to use the mural design I create for you on a mug, poster or for another commercial, promotional or advertising purpose, this is an option we can discuss. 

How long will it take?

The design process usually takes 1-3 weeks.
The painting process is usually completed in 1-2 weeks.
If you have a shorter turnaround time, a rush fee may apply.

How do I submit my payment?

I request pre-payment of the non-refundable design fee upon your quote approval. I will then reach out to schedule your site visit. Once the mural design is approved, your next payment of 50% of the mural fee will be due before I start painting. The final 50% of the mural fee is due on the day painting ends. 

You can submit all payments online here.

What does a non-refundable deposit mean?
Sometimes I may not be able to deliver, understand or meet your needs and it may be best to abandon the design process before your mural is painted. This doesn't happen often but if this happens, I retain the non-refundable design fee and the rights to any and all preliminary designs shown to you. There is a significant amount of time and creativity used to come up with mural designs. If we abandon the process before a final approved design is completed, I require that I keep any design funds in an effort to recoup some of my time and expense.