The Small Object Thumbprint Masterpieces

"Thumbprint Masterpieces: 30 Ready-to-Complete Works of Art, Just Add Your Thumbprint" is an activity set featuring a two-toned ink pad, step-by-step instructions, a plethora of stickers, and a variety of giftable art cards. The set is the perfect way to create instant art. Each of the 30 cards allows the user to customize a quirky and adorable illustration with their own thumbprint characters simply ink a thumb and let inspiration take over. 

Have you ever wondered how to turn your thumbprint into an acorn or wanted to stamp your digits on a hand to pass along a big "High Five" to your friend? This activity set is your ticket to the making. This book explores the wild and wonderful ways you can use your fingerprint in fun imaginative scenes. 

Details: This set was designed by me and published by Chronicle Books. Includes 30 pages, two sticker sheets and a two-color ink pad. Approximately 7.5" x 6" tall. ISBN: 978-0811877329