The Small Object Thumbprint Portraits

An activity set with fill-in scenes of family fun time become personalized portraits with nothing more than a thumbprint. Kids, and kids at heart, need only ink a thumb with the included stamp pad and decorate with the enclosed stickers to create adorable caricatures of their favorite folks. The final masterpieces are easily removed for gifting or display on the family wall of fame. 

Having created several awesome thumbprint books, this one celebrates our moments together with family and friends. Each fill-in scene could be taken from the pages of your family photo album and includes fun facts on each place. For instance, add your thumbprints to the Niagara Falls scene and read about how approximately 15 people have tried to go over the falls in the form of a barrel. But do you know the very first? A 63-year-old named Annie Edson Taylor who went over in a pickle barrel in 1901. Look forward to adding your thumbprint to vintage photo-strips, family trees, trips to Paris and many more! This book is packed with fun ways to create using just the tips of your own fingers. 

Details: This set was designed by me and published by Chronicle Books. Includes 30 pages, 4 sticker sheets and one two-color inkpad. Approximately 9.5" x 7" tall. ISBN: 978-1452117157