Today is Super Journal

A full-color 192-page paperback journal which includes 8 unique page designs. Use the journal to track everything from your thoughts, doodles, to-do list, expenses, inspiration and daily writing. Complete with a sticker sheet to coordinate with your daily mood. 

This is a journal for those of us who like to write, journal, doodle, list, budget, keep a record of our inspiration and keep track of what's left. This journal was made for us. I packed everything I love into one powerhouse of a record book that you can pick up and use and then pick up again a few weeks later without feeling like you didn't do you homework... again. It's fun, colorful and all on the positive. Yes. Today is super! 

Details: This journal was designed by me and published by Chronicle Books. Approximately 5" x 7" tall. ISBN: 978-0811875721