Logo Design Process and Pricing

I specialize in working with small businesses and entrepreneurs who are just starting to develop their branding and ready to take the next step with a logo design. You can see recent logo examples in my portfolio here

I have made logos for weddings, Airbnb rentals, non-profit organizations, housing units, photographers, magazines, retail stores, cottage bakery businesses, caterers, and more!

How much does it cost?

Logo design for small businesses is offered at three price points:

    • OPTION 1: $300 for one proposed logo design, primary logo only
    • OPTION 2: $600 for development of several logo designs for a primary logo only
    • OPTION 3: $1500 for development of several logo designs for your primary logo along with developing an alternate, submark(s) and a brand icon

What is an Alternate Logo, Submark and Brand Icon?
An alternate logo will rearrange your primary logo components into a different orientation. If your primary logo is square in format, you will also receive a horizontal orientation option for use when space restrictions require a different orientation. A submark will be a simplified version of your logo. A brand icon will be a small mark that is often a small image or initials to brand content in an unobtrusive way.
How does the process work?

OPTION 1 PROCESS: One logo design
This option is for those who already have a logo idea and just want me to develop and propose *one* idea. This process is a simple one-step solution if you know what you want. You email me the idea you need and I will email back a preliminary design. This option offers one revision round. Additional revisions are $100 per round.

OPTION 2 AND 3 PROCESS: Logo exploration and development
This option includes the development of several logo options with three rounds of edits and refinements. If you decide to proceed with one of these options, I request as much information as you as you can send me so I can best meet your needs. After receiving the deposit and additional information about your needs, I will email you 5-10 preliminary design ideas in Round One. These will help us see what you respond to initially and what direction I should move in Round Two. The second round should have us moving closer to a final design with another 2-5 design variations on the direction chosen in Round One. Final Round is for your approval of final art and payment of fee. If you opted for alternate and submarks, these will be created upon approval of the main logo. Upon receipt of approval and payment, I will transfer the designs to you via Google Drive.

What digital files will I receive?

You will receive your logo files as AI, PDF and PNG files formats in your main color(s), invert (white) and black in all 3 file formats (AI, PDF and PNG) for all logo variations. It ends up being a lot of files, but you’ll be surprised how many you’ll need for the long haul!

The AI file is an Adobe Illustrator artwork file and will contain vector art, which can be scaled up or down without loss of resolution. You will need Adobe Illustrator to open this type of file but most printers and designers can use this file format.

The PDF file is one of the most commonly used file formats today originally developed by Adobe. The file will contain vector art and does not require a special program to open or share files.

The PNG file is sent for your convenience only. This file format will contain your logo on a transparent background but will be raster art so it should not be used any larger than the size sent. You can scale it down but the PDF or AI file should be your primary files.

Upon submission of final payment, the copyright design is transferred to you. I request the right to use the design, online and in print, for self-promotional purposes only.

What is the next step?

If you are ready to move forward, email me and let's start the conversation. For those considering Option 2 or 3, your responses to the items below will be my next questions to ask. If you're just beginning to think about a logo, considering these points is super helpful.

Narrative information, which may include: 
  • what are you looking for in a new logo
  • what isn’t working for you about your current logo
  • words/feelings that you want your new logo to bring to mind

Imagery information, which may include:
  • any of my past work that you respond to the most
  • any inspiration photos or ideas you may have saved that you like

Specific details, which may include:
  • any text or words that needs to be included
  • any tagline that may need to be included
  • if you have a preference on all lower, all upper or Title case
  • any design elements that must be included (ie. imagery, etc..)
  • if you want any specific colors incorporated
    How do I submit my payment?

    I request 50% non-refundable deposit for all options. Your final payment is due upon approval of final design and before I email you the digital files. You can submit your deposit and final payment online here.

    What does a non-refundable deposit mean?
    Sometimes I may not be able to deliver or understand your needs and it may be best to abandon the design process before completion. This doesn't happen often but if this happens, I retain the non-refundable deposit and the rights to any and all preliminary designs shown to you. There is a significant amount of time and creativity used to come up with logo designs. If we abandon the process before a final approved design is completed, I require that I keep any deposit funds in an effort to recoup some of my time and expense.